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Ravin and Siddharth Ohri, two of the principals behind the .desi idea, moved to the US with their families over 30 years ago. While they went to school and finished college in the US, they never left the desi roots and culture behind. Beyond the natural connection to family and friends in India, they always have been proud to be ‘desi’ and are gratified and excited about connecting desis globally to each other and to their home country. Also, as part of giving back to our rich community, we are committed to contributing a portion of our gross revenue from each new .desi registration to a desi-affiliated charities. When the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced the new gTLD program, forever changing the internet, we got a team together and applied for the .desi name extension. Since then, we have had a successful evaluation, have resolved contention, and are now in the General Availability phase.
  • Ravin Ohri - Ravin has over 20 years of finance, business, and management experience with an international telecommunications company. Ravin’s background includes financial management, strategic planning and business development.
  • Siddharth Ohri – Siddharth has an engineering background and has over 15 years of business management and strategy consulting experience with global consulting firms. He has assisted numerous companies with business development, marketing, strategic thinking, and project management.
  • Jeff Brown - Jeff is a veteran sales executive with more than 12 years of experience selling internet technology and services to the Fortune 500. As a proven ‘rain maker’ he has helped bring numerous start up ideas successfully to market. He is formally trained in IP networking, enterprise software, and digital security.
  • Puneet Chopra - Puneet has over 10 years of software and management consulting experience for clients worldwide. Puneet brings thought leadership and a focus on the latest trends in technology.

About Key-Systems™

Key-Systems is an international IT company that currently manages more than 3 million domains for more than 70,000 retail/corporate customers and 1,800 resellers worldwide. The company with more than 70 employees is the second largest registrar for generic domains such as .COM or .NET in Europe and one of the 15 largest worldwide, in relation to the number of managed gTLD domain names (source: KeySystems' headquarters are located in St. Ingbert/Germany. Furthermore, the company runs a subsidiary in the USA. Key-Systems’ business areas include the retail customer portal and the reseller portal Furthermore, the company runs the TIER III SKYWAY DataCenter, the corporate domain portal, a service for registry operation (KSregistry) and the domainer software DNWorker. Key-Systems is a member of the KeyDrive S.A. holding that was created in June 2011 through the merge of Key-Systems GmbH and NameDrive S.A. The holding also includes the companies Moniker and SnapNames.

About KSregistry

The KSregistry Gmbh, a hundred percent subsidiary of the international Key-Systems GmbH, offers customers the customized, technical operation of their registry. Due to the modular character of KSregistry's services, the customer-specific solution can be expanded and modified according to changing needs at all times. KSregistry is based on a TIER III architecture which guarantees maximum security for all services. By using the data center SKYWAY, a hundred percent Key-Systems subsidiary, fast reaction times and full process control are secured.

A portion of all new domain registrations will be donated back to charities that serve South Asian communities.  Desi’s want to make a difference and this gives them a way to participate in social change.


Please visit one of our partners below to register your .desi domain.

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.DESI Launch Timeline

  • December 2013 – Signed Registry Agreement with ICANN
  • February 2014 – Completed Pre-Delegation Testing
  • June 2014 – Sunrise Period Starts
  • August 2014 – Landrush Period Starts
  • October 6 2014 – General Availability Period Starts


Who is Desi Networks, LLC

Desi Networks, LLC, the organization behind DOT DESI, is committed to providing a secure platform that will: unite the DESI Diaspora worldwide, promote the DESI culture to all who share an interest in it, energize the DESI population to foster education and internet growth and give back to the DESI people through education and philanthropy.

Who is the Registry Services Provider for .desi?

KSRegistry is the Registry Services Provider for .DESI

What is so great about .desi?

Until today, if you wanted to connect with desis around the world with content that you control you likely would be doing that on top of legacy and aging top-level domains like .com, .net, .org, and .in. But now you’ve got new options. That’s because the brand new .desi top-level domain is an officially sanctioned open Internet neighborhood just like the other domains, but also a powerful new targeting platform that brings desis together without restriction by geography. Dot desi is a space in which all registrants can confidently identify to the desi markets.

Who is the target customer?

Brands, individual or business, who are either from the desi markets (Indian sub-continent and diaspora) or are looking for effective means to connect with this vast, generally under-served market.

Can anyone get a .desi domain?

Absolutely, .desi is an open, un-restricted domain and available to anyone. Except during sunrise phase, registration is limited to Trademark Clearinghouse registered entities.

When are .desi domains names available?

The Landrush period runs from August 25, 2014 through September 26, 2014.

General Availability (GA), where anyone can obtain a .desi domain, will begin on October 6, 2014.

Do you have sunrise and landrush phases?

We expect to have a 60-day Sunrise period for trademark holders who have registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). Following Sunrise, there will be a Landrush period targeting Domain Investors.

For both Sunrise and Landrush, auctions will be held to resolve multiple applicants for the same .desi domain.

Are there going to be premium names?

Yes. We will be setting aside some limited premium names for both “buy it now” pricing as well as domain auctions.

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